Luciano Gaudenzio - Sibillini spring blooming


I’m in the National Park of Monti Sibillini, one of the pearls of nature in Italy, where I’ve just finished one of the workshop I have every year; the spring blooming, here, is exceptional: violets, daffodils, buttercups cover the “lost plane” near the village of Castelluccio di Norcia and when light colors the slopes of Vettore Mount ….. it is just to have fun!

Tags: flowers, luciano gaudenzio, monti, national, park, sibillini, spring, sunset, violets

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    07/06/2011 10:05

    Spring flowers, great light, clouds and a snowy mountains. Really a landscape photographer's dream location.

  2. Manolo Perez said:

    07/06/2011 12:36

    Wonderfull. Plenty of colours!!
    I like the mountains with the snow and the clouds....

  3. Sandra said:

    08/06/2011 18:50

    i want to go there again. :))
    this image is so clear, crisp, powerful and colourful - it really conveys the feeling of being there.

  4. Jaak P├Áder said:

    05/09/2011 14:21

    Have to agree with Sven -- dream location. And after today I don't want to have my camera with me in a place like this. Just being there is enough.

  5. Aiyana Daciana said:

    01/10/2012 05:19

    "Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems."
    ~Rainer Maria Rilke

  6. Carsten Fischer said:

    08/02/2014 08:03

    Sibillini is wonderful ;-)