Bruno D'Amicis - Little, cute, ‘bloodthirsty’ predator


I have always considered shrikes among the most beautiful and interesting birds of the European fauna. Unfortunately, pollution and changes in traditional agriculture are deeply affecting the populations of these birds in the Continent, making them much rarer than they used to be. Therefore, I was very happy when I found this obliging male sitting among the branches of a thorny bush along a dirt road in southern Georgia; I could park next to it and it let me photograph it at my will for a couple of hours! Nevertheless, don’t let the cute face and the nice colors of this guy fool you: this is one of the most efficient predators in the natural world; small birds, reptiles, mice and insects are all in danger when it’s around. A true bird of prey delivered in a small package.

Tags: birds, bruno damicis, lanius senator, spring, woodchat shrike

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  1. Matis Vaht said:

    05/06/2011 15:38

    Nice picture, like it alot.

  2. Julia said:

    05/06/2011 17:50

    Wow, what a gorgeous shot! I love the expression on the bird's face. :)

  3. Sandra said:

    08/06/2011 18:51

    this is really cute. and great story behind that bird.