Werner Bollmann - Little Knight


Ruffs are really unique birds. There are no two males in the world looking identically. Only for one day I could make pictures of this beautiful little knight, the next day he was killed by a Merlin.

Location: Norway

Tags: Norway, philomachus pugnax, ruff, ruffs, werner bollmann

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  1. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    14/05/2011 13:18

    I've seen this before, of course - a very nice shot with nice movement and a beautiful colour palette. In a few days they will be back here in Varanger again :-)

  2. Werner said:

    14/05/2011 15:15

    Good luck with them - wish I was there ;)

  3. Jaak said:

    15/05/2011 14:38

    So far I've had only a glimpse of the male mating plumage, all the meetings for me have been in late summer/early autumn when plumage is similar on both sexes. This is an awesome shot of this bird, especially when you know how their colours come and go.

    P.S. There are so-called satellite males that do not display so vivid colours and do not fight, any chance you got photos about these also? I'm quite curious how they fool the females.

  4. Sven Zacek said:

    17/05/2011 12:54

    Oh man! Perfect photo. Incredible colors, light and sharpness, plus some movement in the wings.

  5. Bruno said:

    23/05/2011 00:28

    Yes, Werner, a perfect photo! The BG colors match the bird ones, the composition, the light, the blurred tip... It's the best Ruff picture I have ever seen!