Bruno D'Amicis - Millions of violets


Mid of spring is the time when first flowers dot the mountain pastures and plateaus in the Apennines. Last year a gigantic, continous blanket of millions of yellow and purple violets covered the majestic plateau of Campo Imperatore in the Gran Sasso National Park. The rare and unique event claimed for some effort from my side to document it. Laying on my belly for hours, I’ve tried every possible angle and every possible lens to photograph this amazing spectacle. Here I shot I like, taken with a fisheye lens to stress the contrast between the warm-colored flowers and dark, threatening clouds above the mountain peaks.

Tags: bruno damicis, flower, mountains, spring, viola eugeniae, violet, yellow

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    25/04/2011 10:13

    Fisheye is a tricky lens to use in nature photography and I always enjoy the photos where that has been spot on like on this one Bruno. Great shot! I especially like how the curving horizon emphasizes the vastness of this flowery field.

  2. Sandra said:

    26/04/2011 15:08

    i think i remember that situation. :)
    wow. the fisheye really enhances the density even more.