Sandra Bartocha - Colours of Spring


Liverleafs are my most favourite spring flowers ever. Each year I visit the same place … a small hill at a lakeside and enjoy the first warm rays of the sun and the sounds of the great crested grebes on the water. Each year is different and each day is different … which is great to always make different images than the ones I already have. 🙂

Location: Germany

Tags: hepatica nobilis, liverleaf, liverwort, nature, red, sandra bartocha, spring flowering plant

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  1. Werner said:

    19/04/2011 16:44


  2. Linda said:

    19/04/2011 17:26


  3. Bruno said:

    19/04/2011 17:44

    sandra, confess: how many million images of liverleafs have you taken in your whole life? and, yes, they are all beautifully different from eachother...;-)

  4. Sandra said:

    19/04/2011 18:11

    @ bruno
    millions ... you are right. have just taken a dozen yesterday. coundn't resist. liverleafs in midapril ... they have never been so late. but now everything is evolving very fast here ... anemones, marsh merigolds, beeches and birches ... everything and alltogether ...

  5. Maurizio Serrazanetti said:

    21/04/2011 23:59

    I've never seen a liverleaf in this wondefull light: thanks for capturing, and sharing it!

  6. Oscar Dominguez said:

    09/05/2011 22:00

    This light is stunning! I love it!