Bruno D'Amicis - Snowfinch


White-winged snowfinches are loud inhabitants of the highest altitudes in the South-European mountains. They are very friendly birds near mountain refuges, the equivalent of sparrows in cities, and often accompaign climbers and hikers on their way. I am always amazed how these little creatures survive in the mountains during the harshest winter days. Here a picture taken in April, when spring is still a mirage above 2000 metres…

Tags: apennines, bruno damicis, endangered, montifringilla nivalis, mountains, snowfinch, white winged

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  1. Werner said:

    15/04/2011 11:10

    Simply beautiful!

  2. Sandra said:

    15/04/2011 11:46

    I agree with Werner! Love the light and the bright appearance ...

  3. Oriol Alamany said:

    15/04/2011 12:25

    a nice and new view of this bird!

  4. Bruno said:

    19/04/2011 12:17

    Many thanks, guys!

    Dear Oriol, nice to find you here as well! How is it going?

  5. Luis Llavori said:

    04/05/2011 22:53

    Excelente captura bruno!!! una toma con mucha sensibilidad, Animo y saludos cordiales