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Wild boars are very shy animals. If they hear something they will run straight back to the forest. They will never only run for a certain distance and then stop to turn around like foxes and roe deers do. No, there is no such curiosity in the life of wild boars. It took me two weeks to get this pack used to the sound of my shutter, because at first I could only fire one shot every day, because after that they disappeared for the evening.

Location: Estonia

Tags: fresh snow, sus scrofa, sven zacek, wild boar, winter

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  1. Bruno said:

    13/04/2011 20:21

    Really cool, it reminds me a bit Jason of Friday 13th with the mask on! ;-))) Sven, you have really nice boar pictures.

  2. Sven Zacek said:

    14/04/2011 21:35

    Yes, in fact it does!

  3. mel said:

    17/04/2011 21:50

    wow, must be very impressive to see such an animal in the wild! great portrait, i like the snow in its face :-)