Jaak Põder - Green when green


Male sand lizards turn green somewhere around the time the grass starts to turn green. They just need the temperature to be that high (>15 C) to become active and ready for mating. This is one of the species I have adored once I saw it. Of course, considering that in Estonia there lives only 5 species of Reptilia in the wild, it might not have so much meaning to it. But they do have a great character, and I think no-one can argue with that.

Location: Estonia

Tags: jaak poder, Lacerta agilis, Reptilia, sand lizard, spring

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    14/04/2011 21:29

    It takes a lot of patience to photograph these guys, but you have succeeded here with a nice green boy plus some colorful moss to boot.