Sven Začek - Flight in afterglow


The Ural Owl is definately a species that I have spent the most time photographing. This coming spring is a worry though that the tradition might not continue. As of the 2nd of April we still have a half a metre of snow in the forest and the owls have been both quiet and rather unseen this winter. I was lucky enough to encounter this bird that was hunting on an open field and was paying little attention to me. Just after sunset it flew right by me an sat on top of this small hill to give me a nice shot in the pinkish light of the afterglow. The sad story is that I heard from one of the local farmers that this owl might have been killed and eaten a week later, because he had found some feathers on the ground. I could not find the feathers and confirm his suggestion, but the owl was not seen afterwards. Further proof that this winter has been hard…

Location: Estonia

Tags: flight shot, flying, strix uralensis, sven zacek, ural owl

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  1. Roy Mangersnes said:

    03/04/2011 13:33

    What beautiful light and a stunning bird. Like with my Goshawk a couple of days back I feel this is a very unusual environment for this boreal forest bird, but as you say - it is an unusual winter. I hope you will find some owls to work with during the spring as I would love to see more of your images of this bird.

  2. Bruno said:

    03/04/2011 22:24

    Sven, this is not only a picture: it's a message of freedom and optimism. This bird has an attitude! I hope you'll be able to find your friend again. Cheers

  3. mel said:

    05/04/2011 21:12

    wow, how lucky you are to see such a beautiful bird and then even shot such a wonderfull picture of it! just amazing!