Roy Mangersnes - Background


I was looking trough a NG book called “Simply Beautiful Images” by Annie Griffiths when I came across these word by multi artist Aaron Rose; “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary”. This image of a Northern Goshawk came to mind and I wanted to post it with a word of wisdom of my own; “background, background, background!”

Location: Jæren, Norway

Tags: Goshawk bird, Northern, of, prey raptor wildlife, roy mangersnes

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  1. Werner said:

    31/03/2011 19:33

    A very unusual image of a goshawk. Normally they sit in the dim forest. You are right, Roy, the background IS beautiful! And the bird itself anyway.

  2. Roy said:

    31/03/2011 20:26

    Yes they normally stay in the dense forest, but in winter they go out into the open wetland areas were there is food (ducks) to be found. That is were I work with them :-) I have many portrait of the bird on a log and so on, but I think this is rather interesting and raises some questions.

  3. Geir Ole said:

    01/04/2011 09:21

    ....and the repeating colour between background and the eye! Amazing :)

  4. Bruno said:

    02/04/2011 16:39

    A truly great one, Roy! I can imagine the reed being lit by the first (last?) sunrays. You can be happy you can play around with Goshawks. Here, in Italy, they are very rare and uttermost secretive birds, that I shall be content to see one!

  5. Sven Zacek said:

    03/04/2011 15:55

    So often the bakground makes or breaks an image. HEre it has worked out great. And I very mugh prefer transitions in the background to the usual one color background.