Sandra Bartocha - Signs of Spring


Although I like every season it is my most favorite time of the year when the first snowdrops appear in the forests and forebode spring. Suddenly the air smells fresh and the first warm rays of the sun make life so beautiful.

Location: Germany

Tags: forest, galanthus nivalis, sandra bartocha, snowdrops, spring, spring flowering plants

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  1. Werner said:

    27/03/2011 13:25

    Perfect image for this season. It's cold, it's mystical, but full of hope for the spring to come. I've rarely seen a better photograph of snowdrops, congratulation!

  2. Sven Zacek said:

    29/03/2011 15:09

    Oh, I love the darkness of the spring in a forest. The first songbirds have arrived and you can hear singing here and there. And the freshness of the air is almost unreal. This is not only a visual capture but evokes my hearing and smelling senses as well.

  3. Bruno said:

    02/04/2011 16:44

    Master of plant photography! :D

  4. Jaak said:

    30/04/2011 11:29

    I agree, Sandra takes plant photography to the level where the word 'perfect' seems an understatement.

  5. Luis Llavori said:

    04/05/2011 22:50

    Una excelente composiciĆ³n con una gran tonalidad!!! saludos cordiales