Sven Začek - Kingfishers


The English name of these two fascinating birds illustrates their behaviour. A Kingfisher truly is a master of catching fish.
On the ohter hand the Estonian name concentrates on the appearance. If directly translated from Estonian the Kingfisher would be called the Icebird. This is because of its ice blue back that almost leaves a neon flash of color on the dark water when the bird is blasting by at full speed.

Kingfishers are very active during the breeding period. They might make up to three nests during a summer, which means that two kingfishers can give life to 21 new kingfishers each year. Here the female (in flight) has mistaken the small fish in the male’s mouth as a courtship ritual gift and is demanding it to herself. Actually the male was feeding the nestlings.

Location: Estonia

Tags: Alcedo atthis, courtship, jäälind, kingifisher, paaritumine, sven zacek

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  1. Astrid Kvendbo said:

    23/03/2011 21:55

    A very special picture, with both the male and the female.
    It`s wonderful!

  2. Kåre Johansen said:

    23/03/2011 22:31

    I like the picture and I know it is not easy to get this situation framed.


  3. Sandra said:

    23/03/2011 22:37

    Although it is an often photographed species you managed to take a different point of view and show behavior instead of only beautiful looking birds on a branch. :)
    The insight story makes it even better.

  4. Damien said:

    24/03/2011 11:52

    Waouh ! What an amazing picture !
    Great shot, really !

  5. Jaak said:

    13/04/2011 18:01

    There are 2 kingfisher guys in Estonia - Sven and Meelis. Even though kingfishers are pretty rare here, we have almost every aspect of their behaviour photographed. That's why I like this kind of dedication :-).

  6. Isaac Wilson said:

    14/04/2012 10:05

    Awesome. I just love it. One of my favorite birds.