Werner Bollmann - Water Lily


During my last visit in Sweden I found a lake full of pygmy water lilies (a subspecies of the common water lily). I was quite delighted, because I love these delicate creamy white flowers. To reduce the reflections I used a polarizer, which gave a nice contrast between the dark water and the blossom. I had to undress myself, because the water was very deep. So I waded into this lake, which I thought to be a very remote place in the woods. Good idea to keep on at least my underpants, because only minutes after I was in the pond, a group of hikers appeared at the shore, standing there amazed as well as amused.

Location: Sweden

Tags: Lake, nymphaea alba, pond, Sweden, water, water lily, werner bollmann

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  1. Jaak said:

    14/03/2011 18:25

    These flowers are usually overlooked as there are a lot more leaves than flowers around and very hard to get a good pic of due to where they grow. But they are very pretty and popular among bugs So I say good decision to get in the water like that.

  2. Bruno said:

    14/03/2011 23:33

    Lovely, Werner! I like how the flower stand out - firm and sharp, from all the rest. A nice image of spring taking over winter. Thanks for sharing

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    16/03/2011 14:18

    Good point always to keep your pants on while photographing :D