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Some time before sunrise. I am a huge fan of ice and icy landscapes. So far I think this is my best picture. It certainly depicts the rarest natural phenomena I have photographed. I have been talking about ice conditions with people, who have lived on the coast their entire life and they said it was hard to recall a sight like this. Their conclusion was that if I ever see anything like it again in my life then I will be extremely lucky. I feel lucky already 🙂

Location: Estonia

Tags: cold, crystal, ice, jää, kristall, külm, sven zacek, talv

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  1. Hilda said:

    13/03/2011 12:39


  2. Meelis Kivirand said:

    13/03/2011 21:53

    Well captured powerful nature moment Sven! WOW!

  3. Sandra said:

    13/03/2011 23:10

    I understand your fascination with ice completely ... and this sight is really amazing. Love this reflection in the ice mirror.

  4. Jaak said:

    14/03/2011 18:17

    Let's buy lotto tickets now :-). Then again, as one pretty clever person said, luck comes with passion. And as I've calculated, in lotto the risk versus odds in 6 of 48 is for example 10:1 against us (you pay 10 times more that the average winning is, at least in Estonia). So lets let Sven take these lucky pics and stay away from lotto.

  5. Sven Zacek said:

    16/03/2011 14:19


  6. Mariusz Oszustowicz said:

    25/03/2011 14:53

    Beautiful photo. I understand you very well because I had the opportunity to see a similar phenomenon with my own eyes in the vicinity of Slovinski National Park in Poland. During the thaw in February this year,strong wind was blowing. Imagine a forest buried under the ice to a height of more than 5 meters.Unbelievable. Locals never seen this phenomenon