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The power and grace of the hunting raptor has always been fascinating to me. When I saw this Northern Goshawk chasing crows my heart started thumping. I managed to get into position without causing to much disturbance and waited for the right moment. When the hawk came in, low above the ground, I managed to track it quit early and stayed on him for a while before starting to take pictures. As the shutter was hammering it was hard to keep up, and I actually didn’t see the crow before looking at the display afterwards. All the shots were pretty sharp but this one had a nice synchrony to it. The crow got away, this time…

Location: Jæren, Norway

Tags: Goshawk bird, Northern, of, prey raptor wildlife hunting, roy mangersnes

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    12/03/2011 10:36

    Wow, talk about having a near death experience. This crow was inches from being caught yet he escaped. How did it manage that? Great photo!

  2. Werner said:

    12/03/2011 16:33

    Phantastic image, Roy! Really great!

  3. Roy said:

    13/03/2011 16:16

    After this frame the crow turned backwards very fast and only two frames later it was actually hidden behind the chasing Goshawk.

    Glad you like the shot :-)

  4. Jaak said:

    14/03/2011 18:10

    Awesome shot, Roy! I wish I had the same kind of luck finding pic like this on my screen when I saw goshawk attack ca 5 years ago ( I documented it, but you have art here.

  5. Luciano said:

    15/03/2011 23:52

    I'm agree....great shot!
    my truly compliments...

  6. Bruno said:

    21/03/2011 13:21

    It's not only the action peak and of the bird to make this a great image. I love the hi key sky, the perfect balance between the light Goshawk and the dark crow. This is really a jewel, Roy. Congratulations and ... a bit of jealousy!

  7. Roy said:

    22/03/2011 10:59

    Thank you very much for these kind words guys :-)

  8. Renate said:

    20/04/2011 16:28

    What an intriguing picture! If not reading the text below the picture, one can imagine this to be a lesson in flying. Instead, it's a lesson in how to stay alive. :) I simply love it! So glad that I found this site.