Luciano Gaudenzio - Alpine Grouse displaying


A classic image of my favourite bird, alpine grouse.
I like this image because the cloudy but really bright sky highlights the plumage of the animal and, I add, helps the photographer….. 🙂

Tags: carnia, dolomites, luciano gaudenzio, snow

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  1. Sten said:

    06/03/2011 09:47

    Alpine Grouse? Perhaps Black Grouse? ;)

  2. Werner said:

    06/03/2011 12:23

    Great image! I love these birds too, and I agree, without sun they look so much better. Really nice photograph for the season between winter and spring!

  3. Halvor said:

    06/03/2011 13:38

    One of my favorite birds as well but the scientific name is black grouse (Tetrao tetrix). Anyway, great picture!

  4. Magne Myhren said:

    06/03/2011 14:37

    Beautiful! I've just returned from the mountains of Setesdal in Southern Norway where I have built my own hiding-place in order to take photos of these beautiful birds. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Regards Magne Myhren

  5. Luciano said:

    06/03/2011 19:04

    Yes, black grouse, of course.....I write the post fast so I had in mind the place where I shooted, the Alps and I write Alpine grouse....:)

  6. Bruno said:

    06/03/2011 22:47

    Luciano, this is absolutely amazing and one of the best Black grouse pictures I have ever seen! Congratulations!!! It looks like in a studio setting, with softboxes and a picture of a mountain background...;-))

    Non vedo l'ora di galli, frico e grappa insieme!!!!

  7. Sven Zacek said:

    07/03/2011 21:17

    I also like how the snow acts as a reflector and showing the nice feathery legs.

  8. Jaak Põder said:

    07/03/2011 21:29

    Lucaiano, now the dof is... haha, got you.

    What a great grouse pic, if your pic was a on Famous Grouse whiskey logo, I'd probably even try one. Until then, I drink single malt from the regions I know.

  9. Renate said:

    20/04/2011 18:59

    This picture makes me wanna dance. :)