Bruno D'Amicis - The last snow


This winter scene actually happened on a spring morning, but some snow fell during the night. Walking through the rose bushes, frozen snow creaking under my feet, I startled this hare. Who knows, maybe it was looking for a partner: March is hares’ mating season.

Location: Italy

Tags: bruno damicis, hare, italy, lepus italica, winter

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  1. Sandra said:

    05/03/2011 21:38

    Like the last one... even without the name I would know it's your image. :)
    I think it captures the way everybody can experience animals in the wild very well. It looks so lost ... but still so beautiful with all these muted colours.

  2. Jaak P├Áder said:

    07/03/2011 21:07

    Sandra, this is because we don't know how to take pics like Bruno. Once we catch the trick, he's in trouble.

    Ok, enough of joking, We in Estonia had a photographer who took pics of scrubs. And the difference here is -- I see a point here.

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    07/03/2011 21:15

    I really fond of pictures that place an animal into its surroundings. Fresh snow always make a photo better, but here you have red bushes too!

  4. Theo Bosboom said:

    10/03/2011 10:34

    Very powerfull image, what a great mood.