Roy Mangersnes - Quickstep


Some people claim they hate gulls! I couldn´t disagree more. Gulls are great birds, and they play an important role in our ecosystem. Yes they will shit on you if you walk up to their nest site, but we kill wolfs, bears, lynx and other predators only because they take our food. Anyway, gulls are great birds, and I enjoy working with them, playing with light, background, composition and shutterspeed. This Herring Gull is dancing Quickstep across the shiny black floor in Northern Norway – 10 points!

Location: Norway

Tags: Bird, Gull, Norway, roy mangersnes

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  1. Luciano said:

    02/03/2011 23:55

    Ciao Roy!
    your shot is sure an un-conventional way of seeing the natural world, I like it, it's dynamic and well composed, absolutely not easy to see in the moment you shooted...
    a question: did you already have the idea to shoot a crop of the scene you observed or it's only an istinctive shooting?

  2. Roy said:

    03/03/2011 00:12

    Glad you like it Luciano.
    I was actually aiming for a tight unconventional crop when taking this picture. However, it all happens so fast I am never sure what I will get. I was shooting with the birds really close and were focusing to get the background as monotone as possible. Whenever there was action I would shoot my pictures. When I took this picture, it felt nice and I new I got something interesting. If you like to see some more from this session you will find it her
    Cheers, Roy

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    03/03/2011 11:36

    Yes, gulls are a lot of fun. Especially because you get so many new ideas when you are photographing them and you never know for 100% what exatcly will you get.

  4. Jaak Põder said:

    07/03/2011 20:50

    I agree, gulls are great birds. They have their 'imago' mostly spoilt by our urbanisation and that they are great adapters. Funny. if some human adapts to available conditions, we praise him/her, but if a bird or an animal (for example fox, why not even rat) does, we generally despise them.

  5. Renate said:

    20/04/2011 19:08

    This is an interesting one. There's a lot going on, yet, it has a calm feel to it. Good job!