Meelis Kivirand - Frozen Sea


It is so cool walk around on a freshly frozen sea and admire its icy beauty. At the same time there is an eerie feeling knowing that there are about 40 meters of cold water under your feet.

Location: Estonia

Tags: baltic, finland, gulf, ice, meelis kivirand, of, sea, winter

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    28/02/2011 15:47

    This picture captures the feeling of an open space very well and I also light the subtle light.

  2. Sandra said:

    28/02/2011 17:22

    the pastel colours are very beautiful ... and i agree with sven ... i can completely feel the frozen water below me when i look at this image.

  3. Bruno said:

    28/02/2011 21:04

    Holy sh.., what a place! Did you hear the ice crack under your feet???

  4. Meelis Kivirand said:

    28/02/2011 22:05

    I did my first "steps" lying on my face on fresh ice. After that I dared to walk - ice didn´t crack.

  5. Ben said:

    04/03/2011 11:04

    absolut great. like your images.

  6. Jaak Põder said:

    07/03/2011 20:42

    Ice gives an insanely clean feeling in situations like these.