Werner Bollmann - Calypso


It was in Oulanka National Park (Finland) where I saw a Calypso Orchid for the very first time in my life. I always wanted to see this species, but never managed it before. And it was such a great experience to find this tiny pink plant in the old Taiga forest of Oulanka. From the literature I knew that it is not a large orchid, but I was really surprised how small it is in reality. Such an unbelievably fragile flower in this harsh environment. I made hundreds of pictures and tried several styles. This one I like very much, because in my opinion the double exposure intensifies the mystical appeal of this little creature.

Location: Finland

Tags: calypso bulbosa, calypso orchid, finland, taiga, werner bollmann

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  1. Nic Kruys said:

    24/02/2011 13:12

    Excellent shot. The double exposure combined with the background makes it look like there is some sort of steamy mist coming out of the orchid!


  2. Sandra said:

    24/02/2011 22:42

    This is so delicate. The double exposure enhances the fragility of this tiny orchid.

  3. Margus Muts said:

    25/02/2011 00:45

    Very nice plant and very beatiful picture of it!

  4. Sven Zacek said:

    25/02/2011 20:50

    Such an intimate portrait of a small orchid.

  5. Bruno said:

    25/02/2011 22:06

    This image is ethereal and looks a bit like a watercolour. Nice!

  6. Markus Gebel said:

    27/02/2011 20:40

    The green color looks like a little bit chemical-squeeze, but I like this "dreamy" impressions. Fantastic shot - congratz.

    best wishes

  7. Werner said:

    01/03/2011 12:28

    Hey Markus,

    thanks! You are right, the Nikon green in vivid function is always very green. And a double exposure intensifies it even more.

  8. Jaak Põder said:

    01/03/2011 17:59

    Wild orchids made me to dive into the plant photography couple of years ago -- they are so pretty. This pic truly gives credit to their beauty -- kind of ghostly feeling to it, kind of like nature's spirit lives in that bloom on the pic.

  9. Luis Llavori said:

    04/05/2011 22:40

    Pura armonía!!!