Werner Bollmann - Bullfinch


This image was made last winter when I took pictures of small birds from a hide. To attract the birds I put some seeds into a big yoghurt pot and tied it to a sturdy branch. Soon the birds appeared – mainly different tit species – and landed, as planned, on twigs covered with beautiful lichens. I took a lot of pictures, when suddenly this bullfinch showed up. He didn’t land on a twig, but flew directly into the pot, sat there feeding for minutes and defended the pot aggressively against other birds. At the first moment I thought it was impossible to get any good picture, but then I had the idea to make this special portrait, which I think is a nice one to say “hi” in this blog.

Location: Norway

Tags: bullfinch, Norway, portrait, pyrrhula pyrrhula, werner bollmann, winter

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  1. Jaak Põder said:

    14/02/2011 22:28

    This pic suits very well the mood of the Valentine's Day. I remember the first times when I shyly made my gifts to someone I liked -- exactly the same way, kind of peeking into the picture :-).

  2. Bruno D'Amicis said:

    14/02/2011 22:36

    Nice start, welcome Werner! Not so easy to give an attitude to a small bird... good job!

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    16/02/2011 20:32

    I also agree that this is a fine picture to start things going. Something new peeking into the world of nature photography. Let's see how are we going to be recieved.

  4. Meelis Kivirand said:

    16/02/2011 20:59

    Hi you too Werner! Nice colours.

  5. Phil Johnston said:

    14/12/2011 22:35

    Haha! Peek a boo Bully:O) I love these birds and have been photographing them recently. A wonderful image.