Jaak Põder - Jumping spider


Jumping spiders (Salticidae) are my favourite of all ‘bugs’. When I wanted a photo of one for a book couple of years ago, I managed to find only single spider during the summer to photograph — and even that encounter lasted for less than 10 seconds. A year later I met one jumping spider that allowed me to follow her actions for an hour or so. After that I could spot them almost in any place. The key is their body movement — once you know how they move, you have no problem finding one.

Location: Järvamaa, Estonia

Tags: evarcha falcata, female, jaak poder, jumping spider, salticidae, spiders

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  1. Michael said:

    15/01/2012 13:54

    I think she is on a leaf of a lime tree because I recently had a chance to see a photo almost similar to this one where a female was sitting on a leaf of lime tree. I guess these spiders especially females do like to spend time on these lime trees. Since jumping spiders are your favourite of all 'bugs' so I would like to share a website with you that will provide really great information about these jumping spiders. The website is jumpingspider.net