Roy Mangersnes - Bluethroat


The Bluethroat, also named the Nightingale of the mountains, has a special place for me. During my Master studies in behavioural ecology I worked for two months with this beautiful bird in Jotunheimen national park, Norway. Its striking coloration as well as the magnificant song captivated me from the first day, and I have returned several times. This image show the bird agains the famous mountain ridge of Besseggen (1700m), the most popular hiking destination in Norway, in early spring.

Location: Jotunheimen, Norway

Tags: Bluethroat, Jotunheimen, Luscinia svecica, roy mangersnes

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    29/06/2010 19:06

    Wow! This photo reminds me of some work Hannu Hautala has done - capturing birds that are usually associated with spring and greenery in winter habitats. I remember a picture of a Siberian Jay, who was incubating its eggs and covered in two or three centimeters of snow.

  2. Bruno D\\\\\\\ said:

    02/07/2010 15:46

    Very nice, lovely bird in an unusual context.

  3. Meelis Kivirand said:

    10/07/2010 13:00

    What a lovely plumage this bird has. Very elated spring photo.