Roy Mangersnes - Whiteout Ptarmigan


As with my previous post, I like to get down low with my subjects and make it simple. This Svalbard Ptarmigan was shot in minus 30 degrees celsius on Spitsbergen in March 2009. It was an amazing experiance and I am already looking forward to go back this August.

Location: Svalbard, Norway

Tags: Arctic, Grouse, roy mangersnes, Svalbard Ptarmigan, White

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  1. Meelis Kivirand said:

    26/05/2010 00:02

    Svalbard is the place I want to go one day. Great black and white colours.

  2. Jaak Põder said:

    26/05/2010 02:07

    Great shot, Roy, it took me at least 5 secs to get it on my lousy office monitor to understand what it might be and at home I got the confirmation that this photo is a masterpiece.

  3. Stian Holmen said:

    26/05/2010 09:16

    Nice! Just the way i like it: white and simple.
    Just enough ptarmigan to make it interesting.

  4. Sven Zacek said:

    27/05/2010 00:18

    I absolutely love such minimalistic photography. Lucky you that you can go back in August. Last time you were there in March, right? So what will be different in August?

  5. Roy Mangersnes said:

    27/05/2010 19:52

    Good to hear you like the picture guys!
    Sven; last time I travelled on land by snowmobile, but in August I go by boat. August and September have very nice light as well as open sea quit far north so the chances with the Polar Bear should be very good. I will be travelling with my friend Ole Jørgen Liodden (