Jaak Põder - Midsummer Night’s Eve


When ancient Romans transformed Greek gods and goddesses into their own, they also took over their qualities. Goddess Athene was transformed into goddess Minerva, borrowed was the belief that if goddess will show herself in the form of an owl before the battle, then the battle will be victorious.

Romans did not take into account that for them owl was a symbol of evil and death. Seeing owl in a daylight meant not victory, but it was a very bad omen. It was the sign of witches, vampires etc. I’m quite curious what Roman soldiers felt when they saw an owl before the battle…

Location: Estonia

Tags: aegolius funereus, after rain, boreal owl, forest, jaak poder, nest, owls chicks, summer, tengmalms owl

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  1. Bruno D'Amicis said:

    17/05/2010 18:10

    I love the dim light, the composition and the sense of intimacy of this shot. Good job!

  2. Sven Zacek said:

    27/05/2010 00:21

    Looks like these guys are peeking out to see if the rain has stopped and they can come out to play again. The raindrops on the spruce twigs really add another dimension.

  3. Maria Spinelli said:

    15/02/2011 16:47


  4. Bela Streit said:

    09/10/2011 18:28

    Goddess Athene's owl was the Little Owl /Athene noctua/