Frosty Time
Mountain’s Queen (Parnassius Apollo)
Don’t lose your head
Musk ox in snow
Over and Under
Pine Marten
And out comes the wolf #2
Jumping spider
Summer field impressionism
Red Fox
Devil’s Finger Orchid
Reindeer Husbandry
And out comes the wolf
Evening Hedgehog
Valley at sunrise
Beach of stones
Golden eagle
Eagle Owl at night
Blue night
Roe Deer in the dark
Water in the forest
Great cormorant
I think she doesn’t see me
Crashing waves
Whiteout Ptarmigan
Marsh Marigold
Puffin portrait
Artic fox
Curious chamois
Light and clouds on Mount Prena
Boars on the run
Raven in the rain
Red Deer
Eurasian Jay
Midsummer Night’s Eve

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Heike Odermatt - Two crows

Thank you, Annemiek! Yes, blue is my favorite color ;)

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Heike Odermatt - Two crows

It's a amazing picture with a lot of beautifull contrast and your favorite colour I think.

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Steven Dillon said:

2018-12-26 17:38:26

Jonathan Lhoir - Rainbow

Wow, I like this one. Love the colors and the wispy look of the web. I have a similar image, but I think this one is even more abstract than mine. I fell in love with abstract macro a couple of years ago and that continues to grow. I found your site while searching for what other photographers are doing and/or have done in my favorite genre.